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Fabrics Iride

Removable cover.
Feet covered with flounce.
The small decorative cushions in the photo can be ordered separately in the "accessories" section.

Wood and its derivatives, high resistance crossed elastic straps.

3 options:

- Option in polyurethane foam with differentiated thicknesses and qualities and polyester fibers. 35 (kg / mc)

- Option with upper layer in feather with 100% cotton herringbone fabric divided into zones with different weights and lower base in special polyurethane. This solution allows for the comfort of goose feather padding and adequate seat stability.

- Optional 50 Viscoelastic Memory Polyurethane padding: extremely resistant material, with Memory technology and lower layer that provides stability, it is equipped with a soft ergonomic seat that follows any body shape for an always comfortable and pleasant experience.

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