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Fabrics Iride

Removable cover.
Front feet with brass wheel.
1 standard goose feather pillow, included in the price of the armchair.
2 standard goose feather pillows, included in the price of the sofa.

Wood and high resistance crossed elastic straps.

3 options:

- Option in polyurethane foam with differentiated thicknesses and qualities and polyester fibers. 35 (kg / mc)

- Option with upper layer in feather with 100% cotton herringbone fabric divided into zones with different weights and lower base in special polyurethane. This solution allows for the comfort of goose feather padding and adequate seat stability.

- Optional 50 Viscoelastic Memory Polyurethane padding: extremely resistant material, with Memory technology and lower layer that provides stability, it is equipped with a soft ergonomic seat that follows any body shape for an always comfortable and pleasant experience.

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