Set Pearl


3 PCSsingle:
- 150 x 220cm flat;
- 150 x 210cm duvet; 
- 50 x 70cm pillow case

4 PCSdouble:
-  220 x 240cm flat;
- 200  x220cm duvet;
- 50 x70cm pillow case - 2 pcs

100% high quality cotton satin, 140 gsm, 200 TC
Cotton satin is a type of shiny, smooth cotton that is very pleasant to the touch. The difference with other types of fabric is to be found in the weft: in fact, satin is made from 100% cotton and is distinguished by its great resistance to wear and frequent washing. The weaving process gives the final fabric a shiny appearance.

Available colors: sand, corn, clay

Perfectmeeting beetwen the hight quality cotton and the soft earth colours palettegives a very warm touch at your bedroom. The essential look is refined with a decorativestitching alla long the edges of the pillow cases.

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